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Poly Mod Knobs don't work when LOCAL Control is (OFF) , MIDI Control is (ON).


I have my Prophet 6 connected to my DAW via USB. I'm trying to figure out why when I have LOCAL Control set to (OFF), and MIDI Control set to (ON), I can edit all parameters via the knobs, except the Poly Mod panel's knobs do not do anything, they will only work if I set LOCAL Control to (ON). Which causes a MIDI note loop-back.

My DAW is Studio One Pro 5. (Windows 10).

I would be interested to know if you have this issue, and how you have your Prophet 6 settings when using it with your DAW. Any suggestions how I can fix this issue ?



I figured a workaround, or should I say a workflow when using the Prophet 6 with my DAW that does what I need. Basically when I'm recording a P6 Performance into my DAW I set LOCAL to ON, and Disable thePLAY/Monitor function of the MIDI Track I'm recording on in my DAW.  This prevents the MIDI from Looping back into the P6.

The Poly Mod knobs send NRPN messages, not CC messages, so If I need to record any of the Poly Mod knob moves as automation, I change the settings of the P6 PARAM Transmit, and PARAM Recieved from CC to NR (NRPN) , this way the knob twists are sent to the DAW as NRPN messages and recorded in the automation lane.

When I play back the P6 from the DAW, I set LOCAL back to OFF. and all works as it should.

I'm wondering why the Poly Mod section knobs use NRPN instead of CC messages, maybe they are parameters to set for the sensitivity of the envelopes, LP and HP filter, ..etc and leave them at that setting rather than tweak them in real time, since that is left for the dedicated knobs of the filter env. amount, OSC's Section. to be tweaked in real time, and recorded as CC data.

I hope this is helpful for other P6 users who use it with a DAW.  Any feedback from Prophet 6 users about this topic would be welcome, and helpful as well.