Re: Legato/slides
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I think that it could be possible for sequential to update this with a new sequencer mode. Turn it on in globals or per patch (maybe call it 303 mode?) and then lose (some?) of the automation lanes. This means that those who want it can turn it on and those who don't can keep the existing sequencer. This would be a fun addition to the synth which would  add a whole new vibe to this monster!!

adding in options to change the envelope shapes (again maybe a globals setting) would also be amazing but I guess we won't know unless it happens.
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Re: Legato/slides
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Please if you do implement this Sequential - we can get just a slew amount per step for all tracks - its not just pitch we want to be able to glide at different rates! its things like cutoff and the rest..

thats really the main thing the synth is missing.. sequences would be incredible with slew

+1 for this to be implemented, slide between steps would be so useful on filter cutoff etc