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I'm trying to make some acid style sequences on the pro 3, is there any way to get the notes to slide in the classic 303 way? The manual doesn't suggest it's possible... Would seem to be a bit of an oversight on a synth that's so heavily built around the 16 beat sequencer? Any ideas? I feel like there must be a complex workaround but I didn't want to bother if there's an easy way. Can't quite figure it out.

Thanks all!


Re: Legato/slides
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You can set the glide amount. In fact you can even set the glide per oscillator. But I donít think itís possible to do 303 slides since glide is not a mod destination and you can tie 2 notes that arenít the same.

Strangely not many people seem to even bring it up, but itís a pretty basic function. Iím not even an acid kind of guy but Iíve sent a request for note ties.


Re: Legato/slides
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Yeah that's what I figured. Quite a frustrating oversight tbh. Seems really strange as I imagine it is possible to do it over midi - I had hoped there might have been a way to set the sequencer notes duration over 100% but couldn't work it out. The only thing I can think is to set the pitch tracking over the oscillators individually over a different channel but I think that will be quite fiddly to get right. I guess I can make a feature request


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Re: Legato/slides
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I am kinda miffed at this too...Subsequent 37 Can def do it 😑
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Re: Legato/slides
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I wonder if maybe the sequencer architecture can't support it for one reason or another... Its the only reason I can think that something so relatively basic wouldn't be implemented  :-\


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Jeez that last message was a little dramatic, I need to chill out lol

Re: Legato/slides
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Might be as simple as just allowing the duration control to go to 101%...?

+1 for this request.

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Re: Legato/slides
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Another option would be a quantized tracking feature for pitch modulations of oscillators, but I agree I think note duration would be the simpler/more intuitive from a UI perspective. Does anyone know if its possible on the pro 2? How does it work there if so?

Re: Legato/slides
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Ha, I posted the same question on the Pro3 FB group.  This stumped me on the very first sequence I tried to create
 (and it wasnít a 303 riff!).  I was sure i was missing something!

Re: Legato/slides
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+1 for this feature. The pro 3 is such a great synth for basslines and has such an awesome sequencer. Adding note ties/slides would add another dimension to sequences :D


Re: Legato/slides
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+1000000 for this please Sequential....

What I don't understand is why the manual seems to imply that you can actually implement it? You cant...
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+1 for ties please

Re: Legato/slides
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+1 too please  ;).
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+1 on SOME way of sequencing with ties, I spent a lot of time yesterday trying and failing, either one of the following would have solved it, none worked:

1. Allow Ties to be between notes, also tie-ing across rests, so that different duration ties can be programmed.
2. Having Glide amount, or Glide On/Off, or Slew on/off, as a destination in mod matrix, so that they can be sequenced.

Each of the above have their advantages/disadvantages - all are better than the current state where nothing works besides manually altering the controls while the sequencer is running.

At least having glide amount as a destination should be "very easy" in terms of the development effort involved, no?

Re: Legato/slides
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Please if you do implement this Sequential - we can get just a slew amount per step for all tracks - its not just pitch we want to be able to glide at different rates! its things like cutoff and the rest..

thats really the main thing the synth is missing.. sequences would be incredible with slew

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Another bump.  Switched on the Pro3 yesterday after a bit of a hiatus and immediately ran into this.  Sigh.

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Another vote here👍

Re: Legato/slides
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Re: Legato/slides
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I wonder if I have worked out a very partial kludge:
1. Set an aux envelope.
2. Assign to osc all pitch
3. Add a delay with a slight attack no decay and full sustain with small amount of release.
4. Make sure the envelope creates roughly the right timing for a 'glide' effect; the delay perameter is obviously very important here.
5. Add a sequencer track to modulate the amount of the envelope to pitch in the mod matrix
6. The amount will control the pitch

This works to some extent though I need to do more practice, but there are still some problems/drawbacks, apart from the complexity, the main one being it only allows a glide over one particular note length. You could possibly get around this by setting two or more envelopes with different delay times.

Re: Legato/slides
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