Per voice paraphonic sequencing

Re: Per voice paraphonic sequencing
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Yes, each oscillator has its own envelope

I'll look into the paraphonic velocity

Iíve been giving it another try, and it appears that each Osc has its own envelope in paraphonic mode after all, so there should be no need to re-assign envelopes to the osc levels (I actually didnít get anything good with this anyway).
This seems to combine to the main amp VCA envelope and uses the same values.
This can be heard by setting the amp envelope to something like A:90 D:0 S:80 R:90. Then play/release a note, wait to reach half of the release, and play it again. You then can ear the double decay.
Also with this ADSR setting you can ear that a second note played while a first is already playing will not be as loud as the same note on its own.
Velocity seems to apply only on the main VCA envelope, so it really screws up the paraphonic output if activated. Iím really not sure why each paraphonic track has its own velocity.

Each oscillator has its own copy of the VCA envelope, is that correct?

My understanding is that envelope reassignment is only necessary if you want distinct envelopes per oscillator via the mixer (which is the same in mono or paraphonic operation), but the envelope-per-paraphonic-oscillator is documented and appears to work. But wouldn't it be cool to make those envelopes-per-oscillator individually editable in paraphonic mode?

Re: Per voice paraphonic sequencing
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Yes, each oscillator has its own envelope

I'll look into the paraphonic velocity

Cool, thanks Pym - When you say "each has its own envelope"...   for clarity, these envelopes target the Osc Level destination at the Pre Filter Mix, right?    And I assume they are probably ASR pulses with sustain level based on velocity, and sustain time based on a calculation between duration/ratcheting/bpm.  (actually wondering if ratchet division is currently left out of the sustain time calculation, but should maybe be added in there?, so you don't have to do the 1/ratchets calculation manually to determine a max duration that can be used... ie: 100% duration would be 100% of the bpm/ratchet max time, rather than max time of the beat without ratchets) 

And then for Attack/Release, just a slight smoothing?  Or are the AR times basically set to 0?  As @sockmonkey mentioned, that would be extra cool if the A/R stages had a control in soft menu (as a feature request)

This is a very cool revelation!  Once the duration / velocity osc mapping is working properly, this will open up some really interesting possibilities for paraphonic sequencing.   I've been playing around with drum sequencing the past few weeks, and I think this will work great for that.   

ps: also, if going in and modifying this seq code, if there's an easy way to allow the Arp to work in conjunction with Seq Trigger mode (triggering each seq step consecutively from the arp), would love to see that as a feature request. 
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