Ob6 possible bug report or important feature request


Ob6 possible bug report or important feature request
« on: July 05, 2020, 09:46:01 AM »
A recent live performance has caused me to re-evalute the timing capabilities of my sequential synths.

There is one bug/behaviour that very much limits it's potential:

when arp bpm quantise is on, the sample and hold lfo sync is not. So if i play a 16th note arpeggio and have the sample and hold LFO set to sync 16ths modulating filter, every note of a chord that isn't exactly pefect in timing (which is very hard to do even as a keyboard player) has slightly offset 16th sample and hold rythm while the arp stays locked, resulting in a polyphonic garbled mess.
Would it be possible to get the synced sample and hold lfo to also be beat quantised? I'm not sure if the lfo is per-voice, but that could be part of the cause.

I'd really love this fix as it would allow for polyphonic use of the sample and hold reliably as a rythmical element in a live situation.