OB6 - Click sound changing presets (program changes) while sequencer is playing

Hi All, New to the forum and finally have something I can't sort out on my own. I found a similar post (https://forum.sequential.com/index.php/topic,1167.msg28600.html#msg28600) but didn't see a definitive answer. It's likely safe to assume this remains an unfixable issue but crossing fingers for any news given that the OS has since been updated. Here we go...

Changing presets (or sending program changes) while the sequencer is in play mode often produces a loud click noise. Oddly this behavior doesn't happen on my friend's prophet 6, or maybe it's just not audible due to the nature of the patches on each instrument.

I've disabled the FX section, changed between unison and poly, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Really hoping to to rely on pattern changes in the sequencer without having to manually send midi patterns from the DAW. Maybe not possible, but looking forward to any troubleshooting advice. Otherwise it seems like this feature won't be usable for live work.

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A follow up to my own post...

I'd like the thank Dave Smith and team for this incredible instrument. Thanks to full support in the latest OS for sending midi out of internal sequences, this provides a perfectly acceptable solution to working with sequences developed using the internal sequencer. Felt like a moment to praise the instrument was due. Still, somehow it's an everything synth! Cheers.