OS 1.3.45 arp & hold


OS 1.3.45 arp & hold
« on: June 28, 2020, 06:41:18 PM »
I think there's a bug in the new OS where stopping and starting the midi clock turns off the hold function.

Also, when using the cv/modular connections, when you have an arp running, then stop and start the midi clock, arpeggiator midi doesn't get sent through the gate and cv out until you disable the arp, turn it back on again and replay the notes. (Internal notes will pick up where they left as normal/before)

I believe these things didn't happen in the previous OS iterations.

Some changes in settings don't get applied when the arpeggiator is running, only after you turn the arpegiator off and on again do they get implemented, particularly mod routings to the envelopes.
(this was already the case in previous OS'es, thought i'd mention it since they seem related)

minor issues, but a bit annoying for having a smooth responsive workflow.

I'll try to report my findings in more detail tomorrow.