Duophonic high note stealing

Duophonic high note stealing
« on: May 14, 2020, 03:10:05 PM »
First off, thank you for posting these beta OS updates. Some great enhancements to the instrument so far.

I'm on and testing the duophonic mode and it seems the "low note priority" feature causes high notes to be stolen when playing moving bass lines in a legato style (or, in my case, sloppily). You can observe this from an init patch:

  • Paraphonic on
  • Low freq mode on osc 3
  • Set osc 2 level to max
  • Play one note with each hand
  • Play a second note with only your left hand using legato
  • Notice that the note played by the right hand is no longer playing

It doesn't steal the top note if you play without legato in the left hand, but that seems like an unnecessary restriction. Also note that the same behavior is present in regular paraphonic mode, but it's a bit less noticeable if you are playing a 3-note chord with a moving bass note since there is another note on top.

Also note that the "retrigger" setting has no impact on this behavior. Would it be possible to retrigger the top note if "retrigger" was "on"? That would be one solution.

Another solution would be to allow us to disable "low note priority" somehow and use the behavior from 1.0.0.

Yet another solution that would only really make sense in duophonic mode would be copying the behavior of Sub 37's duophonic mode. One oscillator is always reserved for the lowest note played on the keyboard and the other is reserved for the highest note. When only one note is played, both oscillators sound. The nice thing about this is that you can change the octave for the low oscillator and play with a note spread well beyond the limit of 37 keys. This is technically possible with the Pro 3, but the round robin assignment makes it hard to play consistently since the low note might not use the low oscillator.

Re: Duophonic high note stealing
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2022, 01:11:18 PM »
Just got a Pro 3 and as I'm fiddling with it I came across this thread... was there ever any movement on this idea? On My Bass Station two I can kind of drone a low note and play periodically in upper registers.. as long as the low note is held it can't be "stolen"... currently if I fat finger a 3rd note, it's steals my bass note... anyway for a low note priority in duophonic mode? Thanks!