Vintage Presets for the Prophet 12 - OUT NOW

Vintage Presets for the Prophet 12 - OUT NOW
« on: May 14, 2020, 06:14:02 AM »
We have created a Vintage Collection presets pack for the Prophet 12 series.

It contains 99 presets and is based on classic synthesizers like the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and Prophet VS, Oberheim OB8, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland D-50, Roland JD-800, Yamaha DX-7, Yamaha VL-1, PPG Wave series and Waldorf Microwave.

All sounds are sequenced with Logic Pro X and recorded directly into the Antelope Audio Orion 32. No EQ, Reverb, Compression or any other effects were applied for this Demo. All the Reverbs, Delay’s, Chorus and Spatial Effects you hear were created on the Prophet 12 itself.

If you like the Vintage Collection presets pack please visit

We also have some great presets for the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 with GliGli mod: