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Paraphonic sequencer held notes?

Paraphonic sequencer held notes?
« on: May 11, 2020, 04:55:38 PM »
I'm having some issues getting the sequencer to record held chords in paraphonic mode. I press the paraphonic button, and turn the Para Seq parameter on.  I then press and hold three keys to play my chord, and while holding those down I press the first sequencer note (ie button 1) and then while holding button one as well I press say button 4 to make the chord hold for three steps.  So far so good.

Now the sequencer is at step 5 and I repeat the above steps except I hold button 5 and press button 8 to make the next chord hold for 4 steps.  This is where it stops working though, even though the sequencer is showing there's a held note there, only one note is playing and not all three from my chord.

TLDR: Basically the first chord I sequence and hold works fine, but all other chords in the sequence only play one note and not the chord.  Anyone else seeing this?