« on: May 05, 2020, 02:40:22 PM »

Hi there,

I use the E-RM MIDIclock+ to sync my live setup. I'm planning to get the Arturia Keystep Pro and sequence some synth lines from the Tempest.

I'm a bit confused.. not sure.. I guess that I need to send the midi clock signal to the Keystep Pro and then connect the Keystep Pro with the Tempest by another midi cable.  If I program a sequence with Keystep.. will I be able to play some drums or any sounds using other Tempest's pads at the same time? What if I stop the synth/melodic sequence? Will I get the sync signal (from Keystep to Tempest) anyway to be able to play some drums (synchronised) using Tempest?

I'd be thankful for your support.