LFO Mod Scaling Requests

LFO Mod Scaling Requests
« on: March 22, 2020, 01:15:00 PM »
These below changes would all improve the LFO modulation, and should be easy fixes from a programming standpoint:  (just require adding a multiplication factor at LFO mod output for certain destinations)

LFO > Osc Shape 1, Osc Shape 2     (Add x2 or x4 to output)
Currently, the LFO values can't sweep the full range of Osc shape without using up additional mod slots.

LFO > Panning  (Add x8 to output... or at minimum x4)
Currently, the LFO values can't swing the full pan range, and preferably it should swing the range and be able to clip at extremes for sound design.

LFO > Osc Level 1,2,3   (Add x2 to output)
This does currently allow for a full swing at max value in LFO, however adding a x2 or x4 multiplier to the output would be useful for sound design, so the extremes can be purposely clipped when designing Tremelo type sounds or more aggressive AM type sounds.

Note: there are workarounds for these by using up extra Mod Slots, but it would be much easier to use and more intuitive if the LFO output to these parameters was just adjusted so the full swing/range can be directly achieved from an LFO routing.
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