Any way to keep a sound's voice from being stolen w/o assigning it a voice?

Has anyone figured out a way to keep a sound from being cut off without assigning it a particular voice 1-6?

I have a beat with a few pad+synth sounds which are voice-assigned dynamically. They overlap in ways that makes it impractical to assign specific voice numbers. But this means they get cut off by the drums, and I'd rather a drum hit be skipped than cut off a long-release pad sound.

My guess is this isn't possible, but thought someone might've figured out a fancy, hacky way to do it. Maybe something like keeping the synth amp envelope maxed out, but modulating it lower with an aux envelope, etc?

Try lower amp decay/release values and use chokes..

This probably won't help but the Tempest prioritises sounds played 'live' over those that are sequenced and I believe it's the same for sounds played via MIDI.

So, if you can, you may be able to achieve this by sequencing the part you want to prioritise externally.
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