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Midi flow : Komplete Kontrol > tuning box > Prophet 12 (Midi Tuning Standard)


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Howdy earthlings !
I finally got my hands on a mint Prophet 12 (keyboard) because of its compatibility with the Midi Tuning Standard (best standard for custom scales).

 As I am making a list of cables I need to buy, I still need to uncover some grey areas. I looked everywhere and can't find it :

1) I want to use my Komplete Kontrol s88 keyboard because of its 88 keys to play the P12, but I want to use P12's knobs. Is it possible? This is the most important thing to resolve for me, to use with or without the tuning box.

2) Midi flow obstacles (and solutions?) :
-KompleteKs88 has a usb B port which means over usb it is a midi slave right? So I have to use midi out to make it a master? (see midi flow prototype bellow)
-For the Hpi TBX2b tuning box, the midi in and usb may be used together only if MIDI data is never sent to both ports simultaneously (no merge function). So does it count if it receives a midi cable from KKs88 and sends midi over usb to the P12? Because of the MTS compatibility, the P12 will only receive sysex messages from the TBX2b and is not supposed to send midi back to the tuning box, but will it do it anyway because usb cable is obviously 2 ways?
-For the P12, midi in and usb should not be used at the same time.

=> Midi flow prototype :
KKs88 (master keyboard)>midi out to midi in> TBX2b >usb to usb> Prophet12 >midi out to midi in> Audio interface.

I really need your help, especially for the 1) part where I want to use the knob per function of the P12.

Merci ! (that is, thanks in french for those wondering)
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