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Prophet X Sounds Vol 3


Prophet X Sounds Vol 3
« on: March 02, 2020, 07:09:40 PM »

Some more patches and sounds I've done for the Sequential Prophet-X. Lots of soundtracks from some of my favorite flicks. Every patch you hear is playing in real time, no overdubs or multitracking.   

Some usual stuff in here like Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness and Body Bags but for the most part I wanted to stick to really obscure stuff (which I prefer).  Ghosthouse, Razorback, Frankenstein '80, The Vampire And The Ballerina, Murderrock, The Deadly Organ, The Entity, Without Warning, MS 45, Anthropophagus, Chopping Mall, Laserblast, Burial Ground, and The Stone Tape.   

Hope you all enjoy! Please like, share and subscribe. 

ŠEverett Dudgeon 2020