Tempest as an LM-1 Alternative

Tempest as an LM-1 Alternative
« on: March 02, 2020, 12:01:20 PM »
First, I'd like to say I love owning original 80s drum machines/Samplers. I love the look and feel and the quirkiness. I prefer to own and use original machines in my studio. I own Linndrum, DMX, DX, SP1200, Drumulator, RX-5, Kawai R-100, Druntraks, TOM, Linn9000, etc, etc. you get the idea.
I've tried to source and buy an original LM-1 for almost a year. They are so hard to find in updated, serviced condition for reasonable prices (I know this is relative, subjective and involves collectors, investors as well as actual functional musicians like myself).
So at the same time I have been exploring alternatives to an original LM-1. I've used Samples in Linn9000, VPROM (although I do prefer a "box" with analog outs), various combinations of LM-1 EPROMs in Linndrum, DX, etc, the HR-16 custom EPROMs with LM-1 samples.....on and on....

Recently I bought a Tempest for the sole purpose of trying it out in this context and I just want to say I feel as though I have landed on an alternative I can live with (at least until I find an LM-1). I am not familiar with the process Roger and Dave went through to include the LM-1 samps in such a way that they actually retain most of the signature character when tuned up and down but what comes out of the Tempest when I use just the LM-1 samples and tweak a few variables is extremely pleasing sonically, responds to processing in a very similar way as LM-1 (I have used LM-1s before, I just don't own one), and the ability to alter decay on all of the samples is delightful. The samples seem to respond and execute the way one expects an 8 bit sample in EPROM does.

All of this to say, thanks guys. I haven't heard very much talk on the net about using a Tempest almost exclusively as an LM-1 alternative, found very little functional, practical recordings testing such and in a few purist forums have only heard the obligatory "it's just sample playback" argument against the Tempest in this context.

I really love this machine and although it's the newest "box" in my setup, it fits right in to my workflow, at least right now, as a reliable LM-1 substitute.....and the truth is, even if Behringer makes an LM-1 clone, (yeah I'd probably buy it) but I see myself holding on the Tempest.

Very best,

Brad Crisler
Muscle Shoals, AL