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Prophet X User Sample Examples (Fairlight, Synclavier, D50, Film Clips)

A quick video showing some of the User Samples I've put in my Prophet-X.

I highly recommend you go to for some delicious food for your Prophet-X.

The samples I'm showcasing in this video are as follows:
1.) Roland D-50: Digital Native Dance
2.) Roland D-50: Soundtrack
3.) Roland D-50: Time.
4.) Roland D-50: Slap Bass
5.) Roland D-50: Fantasia
6.) Synclavier II:  Bell Gong (Beat It)
7.) Fairlight CMI: Arr1
8.) Fairlight CMI: Various Rhythms
9.) Fairlight CMI: Orch5 and Orch6
10.) Opening Narration from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
11.) Chainsaw Sound Effect
12.) Nails On Chalkboard Sound Effect

I hope you enjoy the video and please click Subscribe and Stay Tuned for more!
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