Prophet 6 controlling OB-6 Param xmit issue

Prophet 6 controlling OB-6 Param xmit issue
« on: February 07, 2020, 01:12:51 PM »
Hi everyone!

I'm a new proud owner of both the Prophet 6 (keyboard version) and the OB-6 Desktop version, hopefully also a Pro 3 at some point :))

Still learning how these amazing machines work and while trying to connect them together using MIDI I have encountered an issue which I'm not sure is a bug or perhaps my lack of experience with them.

My setup is super simple, I connect the Prophet 6 to the OB-6 using a MIDI cable, I want to keep both independent of each other when it comes to the knob parameters and everything else, and only send the keyboard/wheel MIDI messages to the OB-6.

I have set the Param Xmit on the Prophet 6 to OFF, and it can no longer control the knob parameters on the OB-6, however my problem is that when I use the program selector buttons on the prophet 6, they still register and change the programs on the OB-6, even though I have disabled Param Xmit from the Prophet.

Am I missing something? the user manual says that when you disable Param Xmit it should only send keyboard  and pitch/mod wheel to the MIDI output.

Thank you for your help and attention, and I hope to have some new learning and insights on these amazing synths from this great community! :)


Re: Prophet 6 controlling OB-6 Param xmit issue
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2020, 03:35:08 AM »
Hi !

This is a problem which is adressed years ago to DSI / Sequential, but they are not interest to solve.
It is not possible to disable only Bank and ProgrammChange.
I've tried Midifilters available - it does not work, possibly not enough mA at the 5v Pin at the MIDI Interface.
On KORG and YAMAHA it works (Miditech, Midisolutions does not recommend for DSI in manual!)
This is strange, because Mr.Smith is Co-Founder of the MIDI Standart Interface & Specifications.
External powered MidiFilters were not tried - too much Cables.

If you find an other solution - let it me know, here in the forum.