Amp ENV assigning

Amp ENV assigning
« on: March 20, 2016, 04:16:20 AM »
Then you turn down amp ENV AMT knob to 0 and start controlling VCA with LFO (actually it's the only useful thing ENV AMT control could give as far as I discovered ) the second ENV become totally unuseful. It would be nice to have an option to assign it to something else. Could it be possible to implement such a feature?   

Re: Amp ENV assigning
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Agreed. My initial thoughts were the same. For example in polymod being able to choose Env 2 would enable swept sync effects while still allowing filter sweeps with Env 1. Providing LFO modulation as an alternative to Env 2 is cool but I was quite surprised there is no simple gate control for the VCA as an alternative so you could use Env 2 for something else. This is quite a common solution. It does tend to make the Env level pot a bit pointless.

Mind you we're all so used to the humongous power and flexibly of digital synthesisers now (even if their interfaces are impenetrable and their sounds loaded with aliasing noise) it's easy to forget the wads of electronics that's actually needed to create the equivalent in an analog synth. I don't know how much of the envelope generation on the P6 is analog. It could be that more flexibly isn't possible in this area on the P6 without more VCAs and control nodes.

Although I do think the current arrangement of VCA control on the P6 is weak. Particularly the application of velocity control. It would be great if this area of the P6 could be improved.
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