tempest MIDI out = offset. What is your experience ?

tempest MIDI out = offset. What is your experience ?
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i'm trying to trig a bassdrum module on my eurorack with the "MIDI: Sequencer Sound" setting.
it works. i get one pad to play it's sequence via MIDI to my module.
my problem is i get a strong ofset.. like 100ms or so.
tempest goes to MOTU microlite midi > nuendo > fireface UC adat > expert sleepers ES-3 > bassdrum module.
so .. it might be that i need to find a midi module to have a shorter path (?)

But what is your experience about this ?
Recently i did a video about how to record all midi sequences to computer and i had an offset already there.
So i'm not really sure how to solve this.

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Re: tempest MIDI out = offset. What is your experience ?
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try to isolate the problem first.
does it have the same latency with usb midi?
same with tempest as a master?
did you measure your midi roundtrip latency on your system?
what about direct connection (tempest -> drum machine), same latency?

ah and btw. the tempest looks much nicer when it's on ;)
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