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External control MIDI mapping of Layer A voice volume and Layer B voice volume

I know to go to misc parameters on the synth and scroll through to layer Volume, toggle between layer A & B to get direct access to both the value of the layer volumes and turn the value knob to adjust layer volumes.

I know to go to the SoundTower editor and use the onscreen emulation of those two volume knobs in the Globals window.

But this is very long winded for such a simple need, to turn layers up and down during a performance.

I can also use both layer outputs on the back of the synth through 2 stereo channels of a mixer and then use the mixer to blend the volume of the two layers, which is fast, but I don't want to go that way if i can achieve this with MIDI controller mapping.

I have MIDI controllers that accept instructions to flash memory of what type of messages to send per knob and button, is there is a way to use these editable MIDI controls to access and control these two layer volumes directly?

Is the SoundTower application able to accept MIDI mapping to controllers? I don't see that anywhere in the menus.

Is there a way to allocate a particular NRPN or CC that goes straight to this volume adjust on the synth?

Hoping there is a range of good options for this.



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Layer A Volume: 0, 29
Layer B Volume: 16, 29

I haven't used CC, but it's listed in the manual as CC #37. Doesn't say anything about layers though, but #38 isn't listed so perhaps it could be Layer B's volume? Otherwise I suspect you'd have to set the Rev2 to multi and send CC #37 on separate MIDI channels, but that's just a guess. Use NRPN if you can, in case you should want to control other parameters later on.

With NRPNís you can do this, with CCís probably not. There should be more public acknowledgement that CCís arenít in the cards with MIDI routing for the rev 2 (too many parameters). Would save a lot of people a lot of time.