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Logic X + MEK - Do all knobs on MEK transmit MIDI data? Help please 😇


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Sorry Iím posting this again on the Desktop Forum as Iím hoping some of you can help me!

I made a patch that uses the filter frequency knob and I recorded the midi note into Logic and at the same time Iím sweeping the filter frequency knob but to my surprise no filter sweep data was recorded.  On our Rev2 the filter knob records into Logic. 

Are the knobs on the Evolver supposed to transmit midi data ? 

My workaround was to set the mod wheel to filter frequency and my mod wheel filter sweep data was recorded into Logic.  I wish that the individual knobs on the Evolver transmit midi data.  With the Evolver being a somewhat older synth do I have to manually set up controller #ís or should the filter frequency knob just work?

Thank you all
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