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FW bug? Sustain acts weirdly - adds voices on same key

FW bug? Sustain acts weirdly - adds voices on same key
« on: January 12, 2020, 09:38:42 AM »

Think I found a bug in the Tetra using a sustain pedal, which I never did before.
If you add sustain and then hit the same key several times the Tetra adds a new voice every time with the same tone. So if you hit C2 4 times all 4 voices are now playing C2, which means volume gets too high. Also, if you play, e.g, C1+C2 as bass, and then play C3-E3-G3-E3 up and down then the synth will eventually not play any C1 and C2 notes anymore. This also means when polychained, you do not really get a functioning 8-12 pr 16 voice synth, but the volume would increase to x16 times.

The Tetra should only play a specific note on a single voice - so either reuse the same voice or releasing a voice for new use after playing the same not on another voice.

Any chance to get that fixed? I have just assembled 4 tetras to make my dream 16 voice synth, and now suddenly I figure out you cannot play it like any other piano / synth with a sustain pedal.