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How to transfer Prophet 12 Sustain Pedal MIDI sygnal to Ableton/DAW?

(sorry i wrongly posted this question under Prophet X)
Hey together,
I have been trying to solve this problem now for quite a while but could not find a solution yet.

I have an M-Audio Sustain Pedal connected to my Prophet 12 and sometimes use the Prophet as a MIDI-Keyboard for piano vsts in Ableton Live 10.
Now, my problem is that Ableton doesn’t receive the Sustain Pedal sygnals (normal modulation pedal sygnals are received by Ableton though).
I found out that I can specify the CC values for the normal pedals but not for the Sustain pedal (always CC 64, right?).

Is there a solution to make Ableton recognize the sustain pedal going through the Prophet or do I need some kind of ‘MIDI Sustain Pedal’ directly connected to the computer?
Any help will be very much appreciated!