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hello everybody,
some people will still know me as i'm a prophet 08 user for a long time now and also shared the old dsi forum till i came back few moths ago and had some severe problems with new registration and the dsi team helped me to get back again
----but only for a while, one day i've been trying again and it didn't work......
i tried to change my password as i've forgotten my old-one..... no success
i tiried to register from new with my gmx success
i emailed the sequential-team for help succes
but now i tried again with a new mail account and a new username despite im very proud of as i'm original transylvanian
and hoolahoop it works and here i am.....i'm back again......
my original username is "megavoice" and i'd like to keep it as i'm adorer of all that sounds extraordinarily anwhere on this planet :
singing, guitar playing, synth playing, and band playing
l looked into my profile and cannot find a way to reset my old username "megavoice"  back
can anybody tell me how to do.......if not I'll stay "count dracula"and beeing proud of continue using it.... if you allow me


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Welcome back, Count Megavoice!  This is the old Analog Organist.  I always like to see the old members join the newer forum.

What happens when you try to change your User Name in Profile > Account Settings > Modify Profile?
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