instable MIDI Clock as a Master

instable MIDI Clock as a Master
« on: October 09, 2019, 10:18:27 AM »

I'm using the Pro2 in a Liveset wih a MC 505 and a SY77.
Pro 2 is working as Mastersequencer. MIDI out goes to a MC505 with his own Sequencder running (Remote Mode).

While all is playing, after a few Minutes the whole thing running out of Clock/Beat.

No DAW, only the Pro2 and the MC 505.

So, the Question is: is that possible that the MIDI-Clock from the Pro2 is a bit unstable?
I mean, in this setup, the Pro2 sends the Clock to the MC 505 as Master
and the MC 505_Sequencer  "hang" on these End......anyway.

The same if i use Ableton in Slave.

Has anyone the same/similar Problems with syncing the Pro2 as a Master-MIDI-Clock?

It must be the Clock: casue, i have trying the opposite way - running the MC 505 in Mastermode and
the Pro2 as Slave - all now is running absolute tight!

I dont know...i'm a bit speakless about these fact.
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Re: instable MIDI Clock as a Master
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Witnessed the same thing with several machines connected via USB or DIN Midi. And yes, was speechless myself that a Device labeled as Centerpiece, Studio-Brain, Master-Sequencer and whatnot is that unstable with something as simple as itīs clock.


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Re: instable MIDI Clock as a Master
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Make sure to report it to support as a bug :)
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