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Odd triggering behaviour in unison

Odd triggering behaviour in unison
« on: September 26, 2019, 12:43:33 PM »
I just upgraded from the outstanding Mopho Keyboard to Mopho X4 for polyphony and more keys, but there's something really odd going on with the triggering while in any unison mode with Keymode LastRetrg on.

When I have more than one key pressed at any time and lift one of the previously triggered keys, the last note retriggers as if I pressed it again with exactly the same velocity as before. This does not happen on my old Mopho Keyboard, on which if I lift the previously triggered note, the current note just continues to sound without retriggering, as I think it should be.

This behaviour only occurs with any unison mode and LastRetrg, not with High or Low retriggering, but I prefer that particular mode if not going legato, as I'm not much of a player.

Any idea what I could try to get rid of this retriggering?

The firmware versions on this X4 are M. 1.6 and Voice 1.1.