Trigger single step in sequencer

Trigger single step in sequencer
« on: September 25, 2019, 05:41:36 AM »
  I'm brand new to the Pro 2 after having last toyed with synths back in the late 80's.  In the sequencer, I figured out how to record various tracks of modulation.  But now let's say I want to adjust step 5, how do I trigger just step 5 over and over so that I can tweak my various modulation tracks' parameters and get step 5 to exactly where I want it?


-- Antoine

Re: Trigger single step in sequencer
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hey antoine!

You can set the length of the sequence by holding the step button and pressing reset (next to record).
The sequence will now end at the set step. It´s sadly not possible to listen to that one step over and over, without having to go through the previous ones, since can only set the end but not the start point.
But you can deactivate all the previous Steps in the note track (track 1) to make the step you want to edit at the only audible one (these deactivated steps are saved with all parameters and can be brought back by reactivating).
This way you might still hear some LFO´s at high freqencies and filter resonances but you can focus on the step you´re at. By holding the to be edited step and turning step value and slew (potientiometers above the sequencer or encoders above the display) you can dial in the individual values for each step and modulation precisely.

have fun

Re: Trigger single step in sequencer
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Cool, at least that's a bit closer.  Thanks!