Single Synthesizer Challenge: Multi-Track Version


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Re: Single Synthesizer Challenge: Multi-Track Version
« Reply #40 on: June 17, 2023, 10:41:28 PM »
I really like your video game compositions. Did I miss it, but what's the name of your sons' game? Where can I play it?

Thanks for listening! My boys are navigating the requirements of the Google store. I’ll PM you once they get it figured out. The iOS release should then follow. The game is called Hoverball.
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Re: Single Synthesizer Challenge: Multi-Track Version
« Reply #41 on: June 19, 2023, 08:30:32 AM »
Chysn,   Well that's kind of cool.  I had never thought of that venue of a video game. But I could see that as a good spot to immortalize your creation.    I get comments from my wife sometimes....that sound you had coming from the basement sounds like those old mario video games  ;)
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Re: Single Synthesizer Challenge: Multi-Track Version
« Reply #42 on: June 27, 2023, 06:41:37 PM »
Chrysn - I forgot to respond to this. Just wanted to mention that it is indeed a fun track. I had opened the SoundCloud track and was playing it and was about 15 seconds in. My wife, sitting next to me and not paying any attention to what I was doing, said, “Hey! That sounds like a video game!” Hah. That made me happy. It seemed like a good validation of your track.


Re: Single Synthesizer Challenge: Multi-Track Version
« Reply #43 on: February 27, 2024, 11:30:44 AM »
I tried to do this with a track I made today with several synths.  I went back in and took the primary 3 synths and one was the one I kept.  This is heavily into being a drum kit track (the Prophet first run was played by the drums during the 2nd half) but now it is also primarily a one synthesizer track being the Prophet 10 Rev 4.

original Soundcloud Song Description follows:

This is the Prophet Syntheizer run thru 3 times.
Starts with an original program which I made early today, whilst funkin around with some talking and setting up cameras a different way this was under my hands so I made the preset

Then I went along with it to the ARP from the AKAI Advance 25 which is a real good arpeggiator, and I did so in (originally) the Loom program from VIP which is really made for the Akai there.

I started to dream as my 7 or 8 fingers laid on the prophet, and I made the video you see on my Bitchute channel right now(Wind Whispering Through The Trees), rounding things out with the drums to play the prophet, and turning on the ARP 2600 at some point to set the drone around 2300 in.

So to make it the one synthesizer challenge i had to go back in and choose a prophet preset to run the Akai advance 25 MIDI thru was it 155 Factory? Yes I think you should find it was if you watch the accompanying 3 hour video about the making of this which was just a video I made while I made the thing.

Finally then I came out to the USER presets for the drone to replicate if I could the sounds I have been getting in the ARP 2600 from Arturia. The drone only capable with turning on the Hold capabiity in globals on the Prophet. The rest of the creating of that preset took quite a bit of effort and can be found on the 3 hour video supplemental material.

Along the way I discarded several instruments that may be sensed in the original video of the original song's (several synths and VSTs) performance, the iPhone Model D, the other Arturia Synth there was CMI. Then also the System 1m. All were almost inaudible in the original. The System 1m was there but not important to keep and any way being a modular with some strange plugged cables would be impossible to replicate in the Prophet.
I kept the extra VST drums with the 808 remastered 808 that I have been featuring lately which you hear during the 23 minute first part as an occasional clave. I also had amplified the Bass you get from the VST Impact out of Studio One. Not audible I don't think, in the original video.

So the Deep Groove drums remained, playing the original prophet after I stopped playing it with my hands, (15 min thru end) and you hear that synth sound here throughout this track it is the constantly tremolo and noisy main 'lead' sounds.
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