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Compatible Midi Foot controller(s)?

Compatible Midi Foot controller(s)?
« on: August 26, 2019, 10:27:37 AM »
Hey friends, newbie here to synthesis and especially midi so pardon me if this is a bit dumb but....
I'm running the MX4  in my live rig and find quick patch changes to be problematic. If any parameters were altered on the previous patch it becomes two, pretty small, button presses. Not fun on dark stages.

It'd be fantastic if I could advance to the next patch without taking my hands off the keys, thumbing through the manual it appears this can be done via midi. The Mopho receives NRPN or CC messages, some of the foot controllers I've been looking at say they send PC (program change) messages. Would these be effective? I can't seem to find much about PC numbers online. Wondering if anybody has had success (or failures) with available foot small foot controllers, midi-mouse, Gecko, Disater area DMCs, etc.

TLDR: Can you use a compact Foot controller to advance patches?