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Prophet 12 sending out random aftertouch data

Prophet 12 sending out random aftertouch data
« on: August 05, 2019, 03:39:00 PM »
Warning: I'm an idiot.
Sorry. :)

Mostly embarrassed because I couldn't find a [search] option and wondering if my security is too high on my browser (whut?).

So I'm finding that my Prophet 12 is sending out random aftertouch data.
wait, back up.

A few weeks ago I saw that my Prophet 12 was sending random aftertouch data about 60% of the time it was on and the whole rig was on. Almost always values 0x2B-2E

Note: I use MIDI Translator Pro to route and process data so I see the data coming from the Prophet. Duplicatable in MIDIOx

So, after creating a Profile here and finally getting around to asking this question, i went to get the hard data (specific CCs, values, etc) and noticed the Prophet is now also sending out Pitch Bend and CC 9,72. & 73.  (I hadn't noticed this before, which does NOT indicate that it hadnt)

Everything is idle.
Everything as only been powered on.

The scripts I use in MTPro only translate button input from a Behringer button box, some numbers crunched, and then some CC msgs are generated destined for a Squarp Pyramid. The Prophet is no where in that active system.

This issue seems intermittent, but it's not as easy as just rebooting and everything is fine.

I have no clue how to attempt to start troubleshooting this.
I'm using OS 1.4.0

Help...maybe.  Whut?