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First track with User Samples :)

First track with User Samples :)
« on: July 28, 2019, 09:24:00 PM »
Finally got some user samples into the Prophet X.
Got to check out Lamberto Bava's film The Ogre over the weekend.
Had some spare time in the studio...
Why not? :)

This isn't a cover of Simon Boswell's fantastic theme for The Ogre but a quick little piece I wrote/recorded in about an hour today. I figured I would go for a style you might hear in a late 80s early 90s Italian horror flick. Very digital/rompler sounding. Some brooding atmospheric pads at the beginning before going into a soft melody.

Loads of user samples:
Synclavier (Bell Gong),
Fairlight (Arr1),
Roland D50 (Digital Native Dance/Soundtrack/Time)
As well as some Korg M1 inspired patches (Universe/Magic Piano) created on the Prophet X using 8Dio's factory samples.

The Tempest is keeping a nice steady Linn Drum beat. Nothing fancy but I think the piece turned out pretty good for a quick job.

ŠEverett Dudgeon 2019
℗Everett Dudgeon 2019
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