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Dumping patches from Tetra to X4?

Dumping patches from Tetra to X4?
« on: June 06, 2019, 02:12:15 AM »
So I'm polychaining a X4 to a Tetra and have been doing it for a few years with great results. This other night I had everything set up at my rehearsal space but needed to edit some patches at home, so I decided I could just bring my Tetra, leave the Mopho and dump the new patches to the Mopho once I got back for the next rehearsal. Turns out that was not a wise choice.

I can't seem to find any way to dump patches from Tetra to X4. I can do it the other way around, from the X4 to Tetra, and have been doing it a million times. In the Tetra I have the option to dump a program or a bank to either a "mopho" or a "P08". I tried both, as well as the native Tetra dump and nothing happens on the X4 side of things. I realize that the Tetra has the addition of Combo mode and some extra outs, so there are obviously more features, but it still promises to dump to the Mopho and the P08. Why not the X4?

Also tried playing around with the software editors and could not find a way to import Tetra files into the X4 editor. Can it really be true? Is there no way to accomplish this?

In the end of the day I ended up manually re-programming all of the patches from the Tetra on the X4  :(

I checked that both the Tetra and X4 is on the latest firmware and I also checked that I was using the latest revisions of the software editors (the LE editions, though, but could not find anything about the paid versions being able to do this either).

Re: Dumping patches from Tetra to X4?
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2019, 02:47:06 PM »
Tetra programs dump natively to the x4. Make sure MIDI SysEx is On in the x4 Global menu. Connect a MIDI cable from MIDI Out of Tetra to MIDI In of x4, then in the Tetra Global menu select Dump Current Program/Bank/All Banks and press Write.