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Any major unresolved firmware issues for Mopho x4? Other caveats for used buy?

I'm looking at picking up a Mopho locally for a really good price, but just curious if there are any unresolved firmware issues or other problem areas for it that I should be aware of beforehand?

I'm cool if there are little peccadilloes here and there, I just want to make sure there are no deal breakers.

Any feedback appreciated, thanks!

I've been using mine for a couple years and I don't really know of any major firmware issues. As you say, a few peccadilloes, the worst of which being that sometimes if I have set the global output mode to mono, some patches still behave like they're stereo until I change that setting again. No big deal. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask. This synth has its quirks but I love it.