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Cant I use a Korg EXP 2 as expression pedal for my brand new REV 2 ?

I just bought my first Prophet, REV 2, and I love it !

I wanted to connect an expression pedal and bought the Roland EV 5. After updating the REV 2s firmware - which btw was a pretty clumsy procedure - it worked. But personally i hated the pedal because of the pedals mechanic.

So my problem now: 

I have a Korg EXP 2, which i love using on other synths. But i can not make it work with the REV 2.

Does anybody in here know:     Is it suppose too work as an Express pedal with the REV 2 or not??

I connect it through the " Pedal/CV " input.  And i tried different settings in the pedal menues in the Global mode.

What to do??
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