Mopho not responding to Foot controller via MIDI (solved)

Mopho not responding to Foot controller via MIDI (solved)
« on: March 01, 2016, 08:26:56 PM »
I just picked up a Mopho desktop.  I am controlling it with my Nord Stage 2.  I plan to split the Mopho via MIDI into the Ext section of the Nord.  I have set the two Foot parameters in the Mopho to settings that should respond to the Control Pedal from the Nord, but nothing is happening.  I am able to successfully use the Nord's Mod wheel  to adjust Mopho parameters, but I need the foot controller to work.

Edit: It appears the Mopho wants to accept input from the "swell" pedal input on the Nord Stage 2, not the "control" pedal input.  I am able to route the Mopho in a way that it accepts Midi Foot (as it calls it) and controls a parameter on the synth with my foot pedal plugged into the swell input on the Nord.

(As a side note the swell input is really for controlling organ volume.  I don't use it because I have an additional keyboard in my rig for B3 sounds.  The control input is really meant to adjust synth and effects parameters)

The Nord is designed around having the foot pedal plugged into the Control input for when I need to control it's own patches.  The less than elegant solution was to use a Y splitter from the foot pedal into BOTH the swell and the control inputs on the Nord  ;D   I can't believe it actually works, but I can use the same foot pedal to control both my keyboard and my Mopho - and depending on the patch I may need to control at least one at a time.
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