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Save/Compare Freeze

Save/Compare Freeze
« on: May 03, 2019, 10:06:58 AM »
Really loving this instrument. Partly the sound of it is rich and detailed, part is the feel of its (61-note) keybed. Hands and ears very pleased.

I am having a problem, compounded by an earlier shortcoming I posted, namely that when you save, it won't tell you what you're saving OVER.

So here I am, with a great edited sound (perhaps both Layers edited) and I hit Save once, then Compare, and then, using Soft Knob 2, I go through the Programs, to see which one I can erase. Lately, after between 4 and 10 single-turns of Soft Knob 2, and a few notes played on each of the potentially TBE Programs, I hear a little click - and that's it - the Prophet X is frozen, leaving me no option but to restart it, losing my edited sound.

1) Is anyone else experiencing this?
2) Is this something that Reset Globals (which I'll do now) fixes?
3) Is there some hidden way of recalling the edit buffer after a restart, (or even after a Program change, come to think of it), like the DX7 could, or a CheapMind e.g.that may be undocumented?

EDIT: until I learn more, I'm going to keep a 'dummy location' that I can always save quickly to, and then move a new sound from, with little or no danger of losing anything. end/EDIT

Thanks for any help, as always. Great board. Great axe. Great Co.
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Re: Save/Compare Freeze
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2019, 03:10:34 PM »
Sorry to hear you're experiencing a problem with your Prophet X! It shouldn't freeze under any circumstances during operation. Please contact our dedicated support channel and provide your current Main/DSP/FPGA OS versions (displayed when you press Global) along with your brief description on how to reproduce the issue:

support (at)