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Individual step lenght of sequencer tracks?

Individual step lenght of sequencer tracks?
« on: April 14, 2019, 05:07:01 AM »

enjoying my Pro 2 sequencer (apart from little issues...)

How do I set up individual step lenght of different sequencer tracks?
The manual says itīs possible, but not exactly how...

Like for example having a normal 16 step sequence on track 1, and another sequence on track 2 with MIDI Out as destination (to an external synth), that only has like 12 steps?

So far I can only do it with a strange workaround:
When I record a normal sequence into Track 1 with 9 steps, then Track 2 also has 9 steps.
But if I go back to track 1 now again, and record a new sequence with 6 steps, then Track 2 remains with 9 steps.
But how can I control the number of steps for each sequence track?

EDIT: the behaviour all seems a bit I can not reproduce the behaviour described above, but the sequence on Track 2 always stays the same when I change Track 1. I had it already before, that the sequence of Track 2 jumps to only 1 step lenght, when I re record a sequence on Track 1 (could recreate that behaviour again neither...)

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Individual step lenght of sequencer tracks?
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2019, 06:07:49 PM »
Hold the step which you wish to set as the last step in the sequencer, and press the RESET button to set the length of a sequence.

To note, if the reset point of track 1 is set to a different value and no other sequencer track has had its reset point set independently, then all sequences will follow track 1 with respect to its reset point.  Once any other track than track 1 has had its reset point changed, then all sequences' reset points can be independently set to unique values.

To revert all reset points to the end of sequence, hold the 1-16 or 17-32 button and press the RESET button.

Hope this helps!