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Version Predictions

Version Predictions
« on: April 10, 2019, 04:17:39 PM »
I know this is something most likely no one knows, but any insider info or well thought out predictions would really help me.

I am planning on buying both the OB-6 and Prophet 6 synths. So this applies to BOTH them, but figured the community would appreciate me to pick one room and ask it in there, so I chose here. lol

Ok, does anyone know if they plan on releasing a larger (61 key or more) version of these synths ? Because I personally would want that and it would kill me if I purchased both these now only to find in a couple years they release the ones I'd really want.

And I know everyone will just say to sell them and then buy the new ones, but damn man we all know that sucks. I'd rather make one solid purchase that I won't regret for decades, just like the original purchase I made with the vintage ones.

Thanks in advance for everyone's input !


Re: Version Predictions
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2019, 04:51:51 AM »
Dave made it clear in the YouTube video when he introduced the module versions, that you can an now have any size keyboard you want.

Historically, only the Prophet-5 had any drastic key changes with the Pro-One and Prophet-10.

Iíve got both keyboards (OB-6 + Prophet-6) and got over my early frustrations quite quickly.
One solution, which in the end was a major convenience, was to sequence whatever was off the keyboard, and then switch up or down an octave for live playing. It makes it easier to play both synths at once too, and the sequenced bit helps me keep in time.

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Re: Version Predictions
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2019, 08:14:21 PM »
Dave made it clear in the YouTube video when he introduced the module versions, that you can an now have any size keyboard you want.

This is a very good point (I just never knew that cause I never seen the video). If they made them module versions, they won't release larger versions of the real deals. AWESOME ! I'm buying them both.

Thanks for the bit of confidence MPM !

Yea and your right, there are always ways around it. But for me, being a old vintage Prophet 5 and vintage OB-Xa owner, its was a looks thing. I'd like it to be the same size as the older ones, so side by side the collection would look more cool in my studio. But I do thank you for the valuable information. It will help me in the near future.

Re: Version Predictions
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2019, 11:20:07 PM »
I used to think like you, until I owned both the Prophet 6 (sold) and OB-6 (love and keeping for life!).

Sure, 5 octaves is generally always better (for us players). That said I've since found the smaller size has some good benefits and even looks in proportion with itself better.

I'm not saying a 5 octave wouldn't be ideal, maybe I'd upgrade? but I am saying right now it's not a deal breaker, and that's coming from a Piano player too who has the OB above an 88key piano controller (not midid up the oB is just fine as is).

There are some rare occasions I may need to go up top, but I just rethink it.. for studio anyway, if playing live? maybe.. but then you could just hook up a 5 octave controller or get the module instead. I like the 'cute' aspect of the P6/OB-6 sizing and it can be just as comfy on my ultimate stand, my desk (where 5 octaves wouldn't fit so well) or even on my lap on the sofa programming it. It's already quite heavy for its size (high quality and thick metal!) so it would certainly make it heavier. And I've had tons of heavier synths so am ok with them (JD-800 etc), I'm no wimp, but the OB-6 is kind of perfect as it is, even with its keys and lfo limits. It just kinda suits it. Also it keeps that price down.

Maybe buy a used one on ebay (plenty of good quality stock out there don't listen to horror stories SMH) you could save a large amount buying used then easily resell for the SAME PRICE losing nothing if sequential bring out a 5 octave VCO poly (which they probably will at some point though It wouldn't be just an OB-6 with 5 octaves I don't think but a new VCO poly entirely).

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Re: Version Predictions
« Reply #4 on: April 16, 2019, 12:31:52 AM »
I used to think like you, until I owned both the Prophet 6 (sold) and OB-6 (love and keeping for life!).

Sure, 5 octaves is  ....edit (see above post for entire post)

Thanks for the extra push SynthHead. Yea I definitely am ok with it now. I'm already am getting a quote from my guy. But meanwhile I'm trying to track down some demo ones locally so I can hear them. Guitar Center was a strike out unbelievably ! So had to find a hole in the wall synth place and am going to check them out tomorrow.

I just wanna be sure I like the sounds before I buy them, or like you, maybe I will only want one of them. Gotta hear them first. Thats pretty common knowledge I'd say. I was getting a little over zealous at first ! lol

You know I am a collector, so yet another reason I'm ok with these now being 49 keyed. Because even if they do release a larger one, if they change it one bit, as usual, the original release will always be worth more in 40 years. (unless its a limited run thing of course). Anyway due to me being a collector too, this is why I still want buy them new. I want original sales receipt, box, packaging and all documentation. Plus being the original owner (1 owner) - This always keeps re-sale value high. I will sell all my stuff when I am 80 years old and make a fortune ! Then die with a ton of money ! haha What a plan.