Dimensions and weight are part of the technical specification - isn't it?!

Do sequential devices have a tape measure allergy ?!  :o
Why are the dimensions and weight missing in the technical data?  :'(
I need to know the measurements of the MEK!  ::)

Sacred Synthesis

Seek and you shall find.

Dimensions: (H) 3.8" x (W) 25.6" x (D) 12.1"

Weight: 12.2 lb.

Many Thanks

Yes I searched, but where would I find it?

But I found a MEK :-)
I bought it last Sunday and picked it up in a keyboard bag.
Now I could measure it myself, but it is no longer necessary
it's already here! ;-)
(Just wanted to know if it fits into a keyboard case I have.)

But now I have another question:

 The manual shows on page 55 how to calibrate ...
Since I already had three Evolver and now got the MEK
of course, I use them in poly-chain mode.
 I've found that the MEK has some sounds
which seems to sound a bit different.

Maybe it's up to the blender ...
Anyway, is it possible to calibrate the Evolver desktops?