Who uses external clock w multimode?

Who uses external clock w multimode?
« on: February 23, 2019, 03:59:34 PM »
So Iím attempting some last-ditch info gathering and a bug rant. I donít expect much to come of it with the P12 being discontinued, but a guy can hope. Let me just say, I love this synth and canít give up hope that maybe, just maybe, DSI can see it in their hearts to squash one particular bug before abandoning this synth - itís really the only thing that makes me question keeping this instrument.  In a nutshell, when the P12 is set to multimode and is clocked externally, switching between layer a and b to edit results in the synthís delay/lfo modules losing the timing. Basically, delays/lfos will snap to an incorrect value upon selecting a layer that has one of these modules engaged, resulting in a desynchronised sound that is different than the patch you saved. The screen will display the correct parameter value, but the audio will not correspond with that value. A stop and restart of the midi clock will fix the problem, and the patch will then sound as it should.

As you can imagine, this is a live performance nightmare. A synth of this caliber should really be able to switch layers live without losing the clock. It drives me crazy.  Now hereís the thing: DSI has confirmed this bug, but has been non-commital about fixing it. Itís a mixed bag when it comes to users. Some folks have confirmed the bug, others have said they canít reproduce it. It seems to be somewhat patch-specific, which is problematic.

Bottom line, Iím trying to reach out to everyone on this forum who clocks this synth externally, find out if they have experienced this bug (or not), learn what equipment they use to clock, and how they have that connected. If there is any way around this problem, I need to know. If anyone at DSI is reading this - please donít abandon the P12 without fixing this one! IMO is it mission-critical!

BTW, I use an E-RM Multiclock connected directly to the P12. It doesnít matter whether I drive the E-RM from an audio input or use its internal clock; the same problem results.

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Bump.  Does anyone use multimode while clocking externally?


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I do, but you already know that ;)
I'm willing to bet that Sequential will never fix this bug. Why they can't just say that escapes me.

I suspect that you and I are not alone.
Maybe the same question in another online forum would get more responses (MW, GS).

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It happens on mine as well. The only work around is to use assigned performance controllers so you dont have to switch layers to change values.
 You could have an entire secondary midi controller setup to only send to layer B as well.