How to generate SINE wave?

How to generate SINE wave?
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I came across this topic concerning the REV2,1773.0.html

I couldn't find a similar topic for the OB6, so I'm creating one
How can I generate a SINE wave on the OB6? I'm hoping there's some kind of trick as Paul Dither explained for the REV2
There is no sine wave option in the oscillator section, but you can produce a sine wave with the help of the self-oscillating filter. Just turn on the 4 pole setting, turn the resonance knob fully clockwise, and set the key amount to a value of 64, which will cause the filter to be tracked in half-step increments from the keyboard. You will have to tune the actual pitch with the cutoff knob. To make sure the self-oscillating filter is tuned to the standard setting of one of the oscillators, you can fade in and out the resonance until you achieved the same pitch. The latter is necessary, as the self-oscillating filter will drown out the pure oscillator sound. Another option for tuning would be to simply switch between layers A and B in order to compare pitches.

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Probably not possible on OB6 as the filter doesn’t self oscillate.

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I'm not sure what the end use is that you had in mind,  but a pseudo sine wave shape can be simply had by using just one oscillator (the one with the triangle wave) and engaging the LP filter.  Look at an will look and sound like a sine, but will not behave universally thru the whole filter/keyboard range, so is less useful. 

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