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Prophet 6 Poly Chaining Voice Expansion

Prophet 6 Poly Chaining Voice Expansion
« on: January 06, 2019, 02:03:50 PM »
Not sure if Anyone has thought of this or suggested it but Having had to change one of my P6's voice cards recently due to a filter issue,opening up the Synth and seeing the Layout of the Voice cards,it got me thinking a little about an expansion module idea to raise the Polyphony of the P6 /OB6.

Now I'm aware that if I wanted to expand the Polyphony,I have the option of polychaining another P6 to it either a Desktop or Synth,but to me that seems a costly thing and if you don't have the space for another unit,given that all you are doing is upping the voice count anyway all the real estate/Controls of another desktop or synth are essentially redundant so your paying a large chunk of cash for a voice expansion module with controls you don't really need.

I don't know the requirements of the circuitry needed to expand the voices but wondered why Sequential can't make some form of compact expansion module which just houses the Voice cards,say for instance a unit a similar in form factor/Size of the the Tetra/Mopho Module so you can still polychain and expand the polyphony but your only paying for the Voice card expansion rather than the large cost and controls of a full Desktop