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Ah, I just give the right CC# to send from the controller (LinnStrument). D'oh!
The pitch bend range seems stuck on 1 semitone, though. Vibrato is possible, but glissandos >1 semitone don't work for me.

Also trying to set up a LinnStrument, can you please elaborate and confirm what's worked for you?

midi mode>channel per note, per note channels 2-7?   
Please read earlier posts, the proper way is to use the 3rd "row" of global settings, although it is possible to send the y-axis directly via CC to OB-6s parameters. Most params give glitchiness but osc level worked ok for me (y-axis to CC77 was what I used in the video)

I believe I set  3rd row globals pitch range to 2 or maybe even 1 (lowest possible).  Then I set pitch bend range to 48 on the Linn (the higher number on the Linn means more finger travel length per pitch change)  The default settings of 2 to 24 were too aggressive.   Set pitch on Linn to quant otherwise it wont return to correct note value after a slide.

I haven't had much luck using Y axis feature on the Linn for any hardware instrument control, as it seems too sensitive no matter how I set the instruments up.   However, I  do use poly pressure to control filter  parameters on the OB6, but I do not use it for osc pitch or much else, as again, it just seems too touchy.   The Linn's biggest advantage IMO is simply its ability to slide between notes and do so polyphonically.  That combined with filter mod with pressure makes for some nice sounds on the OB6.  As a said a few posts ago,  there are a few hang up  issues when using the OB6 onboard sequencer with the Linn.  Eventually we'll get it routed out once issue is better defined.
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I haven't had much luck using Y axis feature on the Linn for any hardware instrument control, as it seems too sensitive no matter how I set the instruments up.

In case you don't already know, you can restrict the range of the Y-axis on the LinnStrument.

From the manual:

Hidden setting: Timbre/Y High/Low Limits
Normally the value sent for Timbre/Y has a range of 0 to 127. However, you can change the low and high limits so that the sent values will be scaled between these limits. To change these range limits, hold the On pad and the screen will display large characters. Swipe up or down to switch between the following two settings, and left or right to edit each setting’s value:

"L 0": the Low Timbre/Y limit, from 0 to 127.
"H127": the High Timbre/Y limit, from 0 to 127.

If these settings are changed from their default values of L 0 and H127, the On pad in the Per-Split Settings screen will be lit in the accent color. Note that if the high limit is lower than the low limit, the output range will be inverted.


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I find that subtlety is the key if I want expressiveness and the Y-axis is fantastic for this. Although changing the range on the Linnstrument is one way of limiting the modulation, won't this result in less and less resolution? Sure, it may be smoothed in the synth engine ...
I also like the y-axis for occasional emphasis, only when in the upper part of the pad. This requires control of the response curve. Although this might seem like a fussy request, it's my experience so far that these fine-tuning tweaks is what has allowed me to get some beautiful, natural sounding patches vs. wacky synth stuff. To me, this level of fine control is vital for MPE. This is why I love using modular (via FH-2) as it allows this fine tuning, via VCAs with log / lin / exp control curves and other ways to shape the CVs, (and why I'm looking forward to using the Linnstrument with the Eagan Matrix when the Osmose arrives).

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Has anybody managed to make it work with Ableton 11 Beta? It looks like it's impossible to limit the midi channels transmitted to only 2-7, which results in some voices being silent because looks like ableton just does round-robin through all the channels 1-16.

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Full MPE in OB-6 would be AMAZING

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I'm trying this with my Linnstrument in MPE mode, Z-Axis is set to channel pressure, but it seems that all held notes are reacting to the pressure from one note? For example if I hold two notes, one quite high and one low and push harder on the low note I can hear the LFO being applied to the pitch of the high note.