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Trying to make OB-6 work with Roli Seaboard Block here (in MPE mode).
Most important functions work, but
I've noticed the following problems:

- OB-6 doesn't receive some midi CC-s on channels other than 1. So when mapping Seaboard's slide to CC 103 (resonance), it doesn't work, but when sending it manually (from daw) on channel 1, then it works.
But on the contrary, CC 74 (brightness) works on every channel (per note).
Could be fixed in firmware perhaps?

- OB-6 doesn't reset the pitch bend on note-ons when playing from its own keyboard together with an MPE device that bends notes. So the pitch of some voices stays off. (For example, trying to play a solo with Roli while playing chords with OB-6 itself). When playing Roli only, the pitch is correct (it resets pitch bend on note-on).
Should be easy to fix in firmware I suppose.

- Has anybody managed to connect Roli Blocks directly to OB-6? In my case it only works through a DAW.
(I even purchased a special USB-C to USB-B cable, and a USB-C midi adapter, but none of them work.)