Loose Output jacks?

Loose Output jacks?
« on: December 09, 2018, 11:47:34 AM »
Wondering is anyone else is having this issue on their OB-6 desktop.  Basically, the main output jacks seem like they don't grip the 1/4" plugs very tight, and if I even slightly move the unit the cables pop out.  This is with Neutrik and Mogami 1/4" jacks too, nothing cheap like Hosa.  Same cables with all my other gear seem fine.

I'm guessing I can just open up the OB-6 and bend the contacts in the jack so they grab the plugs tighter, but was curious if other people have experienced this too.

Re: Loose Output jacks?
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No such problem on mine so far. I also use Neutrik jacks.
As for opening up the unit and bending the contacts of the connector, you might run into some difficulty since those are closed Jameco type like this (on the upper left quadrant):

(I know this is the interior of the P6, but the OB6 is nearly identical)
I would suggest getting in touch with Sequential Support team, since they will probably have a solution for you.

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Re: Loose Output jacks?
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Doh, I was afraid of that.  Hmm, sometimes you can go in from the outside with a dental pick to bend the jack contact in more, maybe I'll try that.