DSI PRO2 and TR-8

DSI PRO2 and TR-8
« on: February 16, 2016, 12:13:34 PM »

I'm wondering if anyone can lend a hand and inform on how to successfully link a DSI PRO2 and Roland TR-8. As a DAW I have SoundTower's DSI PRO 2 Sound Editing Software and Garageband, and that's it.

Is it just a question of getting a decent DAW or is there a way around it.

Thanks a mill, lagerup

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I assume you mean that you want to sync both units so that they follow the same tempo/MIDI clock. If you want to control them both from your DAW, you have to put them into MIDI slave mode. I have no TR-8, but on the Pro 2 it works like this: Go to "MIDI Clock Mode" in the global menu and select "Slave."

If you want to sync the Pro 2's sequencer to the TR-8 it works like this:

1. Connect the TR-8’s MIDI Out to the MIDI In of the Pro 2.
2. Set the TR-8 to MIDI Clock Master.
3. On the Pro 2, press the global button and select "MIDI Clock Mode". Select the option "slave".
4. Also in the global menu, set "MIDI Clock Cable" to "MIDI Port".
5. Press the sequencer button to turn on the sequencer.
6. Set play source to sequencer.
7. Set play mode to normal.
8. Start MIDI playback on the TR-8. The Pro 2 sequencer will start and stop playback in response to the TR-8.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Thanks so much Paul, that worked fine. I take it then to have both the sound from the DSI PRO2 and the TR-8 coming from the same speakers it's just a question of buying a couple of external jacks. I have the TR-8 plugged into the speakers and earphones into the DSI PRO2 right now.

Also, a quick note to say that the DSI PRO2 soundeditor from SoundTower as a standalone product rocks (I was a tad unjust when I said to get a decent DAW). However, if one want to use various instruments simultaneously get another DAW.


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You're welcome, lagerup.

Well, you should definitely get a mixer or an audio interface that has enough inputs for your needs.

Also: the Sound Editor from SoundTower is no DAW, GarageBand is. The Sound Editor just helps you do program your Pro 2 with the help of a computer and to organize multiple sound libraries, that has nothing to do with a DAW's job. If SoundTower will ever release an additional plug-in for the Pro 2 (just like they did for other DSI products in the past), you'll be able to control your Pro 2 basically like a plug-in from within your DAW.

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Thanks for the recommendation Paul. Right now I'm looking at the Behringer Xenyx 302 USB to use as a mixer, seems to have what I need and comes with a nice price. As for the DAW, yes you're quite right I shouldn't confuse the two, let's hope SoundTower will release that plug-in. Perhaps I can take another look at Garageband. Cheers, lagerup

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Re: DSI PRO2 and TR-8
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If you "only" have a TR-8 and the Pro 2 you can connect the stereo outputs on the pro 2 to the extra stereo inputs on the TR-8 and use the TR-8 as sound card and mixer. I used that setup successfully. If you connect the TR-8 then via usb to your computer and if you get a DAW like cubase or logic you will get 14 channels from the TR-8 (including the external stereo in on the TR-8) that you can map in your daw. The TR-8 has a fixed audio setting though 24bit 96khz which might be a bit CPU consuming...
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Re: DSI PRO2 and TR-8
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Hi Jonas, Many thanks for your input. Just seen your message now. Will make sure to follow your instructions and let you know how I get on. Looking forward to giving it a try. So far the sounds from both the DSI Pro2 and TR-8 are sublime. Nice one Jonas