PRO 2 + VCV Rack/virtual modular

PRO 2 + VCV Rack/virtual modular
« on: November 23, 2018, 02:24:42 AM »
Comrades! Question!

I got the pro 2 in September. First hardware synth and love it!

I've also gotten super into VCV rack.

Now I dont have a signal hardware modular unit, but I am looking to integrate the pro 2 with VCV rack.

I'm wondering if anyone in this forum has experience with this.

Expert Sleepers es-8 has been suggested but I have zero intention of building a modular rack solely to support conversion.

What I would love to know more than anything if there is a way that the pro 2 itself can send converted CV messages over the midi to USB cable.
I'm guessing that it natively can't but again wondering what you guys/gals come up with.


Re: PRO 2 + VCV Rack/virtual modular
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2018, 04:34:03 AM »
Few more thoughts from digging into various google searches.
I'm trying to be more articulate but forgive my lack of in depth midi knowledge.
I dont know enough about the internal structure of the Pro2 to know if the lfos on the pro 2 are midi based and then converted into a cv within the synth or if it is always a CV.
If former is the case, perhaps there is a new feature that could be added in a future firmware update which would allow you to send the output of the lfo over usb pre-conversion to CV.
Hope the goal of what I'm trying to do is coming across in the absence of the appropriate words.