Sysex Program send/rcv

Sysex Program send/rcv
« on: November 20, 2018, 11:56:53 AM »
When sending a program back to the PX via Sysex, the display will not change to show the new program at that location until you reselect the program location again. If you are on the same program that the sysex is being sent to, it should reflect that in the display.

It looks like sysex sends overwrite the program location. Which is OK but it would be great if it was possible to send only to the edit buffer ( I assume there is one since we have to save changes back to flash when editing)

That way, programs for any particular job could be saved with the DAW file without having to overwrite program memory in the PX.

As well, I would like to be able to send the edit buffer as a program, rather than always sending it from the program memory.

As always, let me know if I am missing something here.

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You can request an edit buffer dump, page 153 of the owner's manual.

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That's very helpful. Thank you.
Looks like exactly what I need.
On first tests though, sending the 0xF0, 0x01,0x30,0x06,0xF7 did not get a response from the PX.
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Well, I have given it a few hours and can not seem to get the Px to send the edit buffer. It will send the current program from the global menu and I can send that back to the Px but I can not get a response when I send Request Edit Buffer.

I  attempted to cheat it by modifying a program dump to mimic an Edit Buffer dump (change 0x02 to 0x03 and remove the bank/program values.

That sort of worked. It seemed to get sent down but had problems.  My test was to watch the 4 mixer values when sending back to the Px. Set them to zero. Send the edit buffer sysex and see if they change. Oddly, the data seemed to get in there but no changes were displayed until I touched one of the mixer pots and then all 4 values would show properly, except for the pot I moved, of course. (pots are set to jump). I realize the data format might be different  between the edit buffer and a program dump.

A "Send Edit Buffer" switch in the globals would be extremely handy in my workflow here.  But I will continue on attempting to get this working here. As well, some little indicator that a sysex was just received would be handy.

I am able to successfully request a Device Inquiry from the DAW. But no Edit Buffer. Also, requesting a program from bank 1, prog 1 (0,0) yields no response.

I am using Nuendo. If anyone else is successfully using this feature please let me know so I can narrow down the cause.
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OK! Seems to be solved, sort of. MIDI channel on the Px must be set to ALL for requests, except for the device inquiry, which contains a MIDI channel byte in the packet.

If that is in the manual, I missed it.

However, the problem with updating the display persists.
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After more testing I am able to get a response to the request but when the program is sent back to the edit buffer it seems some params aren't getting set. As if part of the patch is getting down but not all of it. In this case it seems to be one or more  envelope generators.

later: Now that I think about it, This is probably related to the BLayer not being setup properly when I am only transmitting one edit buffer.  Just thinking out loud.. giving up for now. Back to writing. This synth sounds so beautiful.
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