Making a metronome using a LFO and cv out

Making a metronome using a LFO and cv out
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:02:41 AM »

I want to make the pro 2 send out a metronome which is synced to the internal clock. With this i can sync my other gear with the pro 2 without using a computer. So the "click" will be in sync with all the gear.

I was able to do a couple of things (btw i dont want to use my external input for this cuz im using it to get triggers from a kick drum). I put a metronome from my phones audio into cv input 1 and routed it to cv out 1. When pluging headphones into cv out 2 i can hear the metronome as audio. But only in one of the headphone speakers. Is there a way to make it come to both sides?

The above method does not make the metronome sync to the synth tho. So what i did was to just send a high pitched note to cv in 1, send it to cv out 1 and then modulate the cv out 1 slot with a LFO which is synced to the clock. This works very well, but its kinda rough on the headset i feel. Can anyone test this to check what i mean and maybe share some thoughts about it?

The last thing i tried was to use osc 4 without keytracking and sent it to cv out 1. I then again used a square wave LFO to modulate the cv out 1 slot. I felt this worked better in the headphones, and it didnt strain it as much. Was my impression anyway. The bad thing about this is that i cant use paraphonic mode, cuz every 4th note is the metronome note.

Btw, in all the above examples my headphones are connected to cv out 1.

Does anyone have any ideas about this concept? Other ways of doing it? Cuz it would be sooo cool if the pro 2 had a useable metronome :)

Thanks for reading